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How to Be a Dad

The @pocalypse Has Arrived

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The apocalypse is here. Right now! While you’re reading this, this very second. It’s happening… #happeningrightnow

@ symbol sign of the end of the world

Probably everyone reading this grew up with TV. And probably had a “whaaaaaaatever” response to the phrase “it’ll rot your brain.” I did. And my brain is not rotten. At least let’s pretend it isn’t for argument’s sake. Anyways… I’ve stood in parks with 9 out 10 people glued to the glow of their smartphones, and everyday I order my coffee in cafes filled with people who aren’t talking to each other, but are, ironically, each probably communicating through the Internet to a tremendous number of people all over the country and planet. I’ve seen the top ten videos on YouTube and thought, “Wow! Now THAT will rot your brain.” I’m even writing this on a laptop with an iPod plugged in for file transport, a trackball (cuz that’s how I roll, har har), a set of earbuds connecting me to my iPhone, its music and all of its blooped notifications. Pure brain rottage, I admit.

The future is now! But this now-future is kind of scary, even as “plugged in” as I am. To see a kid throw a tantrum over not being allow to play with a computing tablet while an ice cream cone melts next to them unattended, unlicked… I think, “WTF? Seriously!?! Gimme that ice cream before it’s ruined you, tiny soulless android!” I try to keep my kids from becoming small-to-moderately-large soulless androids everyday. It’s hard! It’s an uphill battle, but I try.

So, just so you know, the @pocalypse has arrived. Do what you can. The world is coming to an end. #apocalypse



Since the World Is Ending
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17 Responses to “The @pocalypse Has Arrived”

  1. H* says:

    i fear these moments to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Braindonkey says:

    I think every few generations there is a new “it will ruin humanity” item. Science fiction keeps predicting the house bound species that only communicates via technology. Didn’t happen with telephone, not happening with twitter.

    Of course thats the case until they perfect virtual sex and a holodeck. Men would never leave their caves then.

    For all the tantrums people see of kids not getting to play with their iPads, they do not see the numerous times the kid is playing in the real world without it, by their own choice. Ashley had the first iPad, the day it came out, and she was just under 2 at the time. I did not fear making a zombie, I saw the future – a computer that removes the requirement of knowing how to use a computer. She plays games of course, plays with interactive books, watches movies, find crazy Thomas and Cars stuff on YouTube, and plays educational reading and counting games.

    I think the apocalypse is for adults. We grew up without this stuff, and now it’s new and exciting so we got addicted. The parents at the park who spend the whole time on their phones make me sad. Spend it with your kid for Pete sake. Checking mail and such is of course allowed, but that only takes a few seconds. Spending the whole time ignoring your kid and virtually not being there is the end of times issue.

    • Andy says:

      I half agree. And I have a Bachelors Degree in Science Fiction, so I’m speaking from a place of some authority. πŸ˜‰ I know it won’t ruin humanity, but there are repercussions to a reliance and over-involvement with technology. IMO.

      I also WHOLEHEARTEDLY (and it’s a cyborg heart sent from the future to change the world with this blog) agree about spending time with your kids vs spending time with your apps.

  3. Laurie says:

    Kind of sad, but I must admit I am so addicted to my IPhone..I don’t really remember life before it..I am pretty horrified to see my 3 year old nephew playing iphone games and his parents reading him books only with the Ipad. Real books are sooooo much better!

    • Andy says:

      I am too. But there’s a difference between knowing you’re addicted to something and not knowing there even anything wrong with it. πŸ˜‰ I’m uncomfortable too, when my little one begs for my iPhone. (sigh) It’s a weird world. Books are amazing but they’re becoming an endangered species. πŸ™

  4. Cobacrtr says:

    I’ve seen this every night at swim lessons w/ my kids. Parents not watching their little one’s big journey because they are cracked out on their phones. While my 2-year-old is swimming, my 4-year-old and I hang out and chat. Granted, when I spend 25 minutes reminding my daughter that “douche” isn’t a word for anything but hockey or to quit saying “crotch” and laughing hysterically, I would like a few minutes of TMZ time, but I don’t get these goofy moments back.
    Plus, after watching a mom,(who is ALWAYS on her phone at the gym) lose her daughter the other night (her daughter was in swim lessons like she should have been, unlike her mom), it became clear to me what my priorities need to be. Even if that is simply to save myself the heart attack that comes with not knowing where my kiddos is.

  5. Monica says:

    For me the internet was the new thing as I was in High School. I use and like the internet but I don’t need it to survive or anything. My phone is not fancy (no internet). I check facebook once in a while but that’s it. I think electronics can do a lot of good but I personally don’t want my son so addicted that he can’t play with toys or enjoy the park. He is 1 and doesn’t really watch tv. Even when it’s on, he would rather play. I love him for that. I know at a certain point I will lose him to electronics but I want to keep him from being a “tiny soulless android” for as long as possible. =)

    • Braindonkey says:

      Thats actually the point I think. Most kids crave what their parents do, also have some of their own desires. Mine has free, unrestricted access to a computer and ipad and a tv. Originally it was as an experiment and would scale back if needed. Haven’t needed. She plays WAY more with her cars, trains, dinos, and now these little plastic birds. Draws non-stop. Pretends to read to her “baby”, and sings. She never stops. NEVER. Last night she was singing in her sleep, to lightning mcqueen i think.

      Anyone I know having a problem with their kid and an iPad usually withholds the iPad when they don’t have anything better to do with the kid, and then makes them play with it when the kid wants to play with the parents. Doing this early on sets a standard, backwards from what the kid would do naturally from what I have seen with most friends. Kids will play iPad, when nothing else is available. Parent time ALWAYS trumps iPad. cooking, park, exploring, learning, etc, ALWAYS wins out.

      Unless they are sick, then all bets are off.

  6. Stephanie K. says:

    I think @braindonkey has a very good point and I am now putting my iphone down to play with my babies πŸ™‚

    • Braindonkey says:

      mind you I am a complete hypocrite and spend all day on my computer for work. All morning while ashley is eating on my ipad. And most of the evening on my iPad unless she specifically asks me to play some mindnumbing role play game. I got to be Perry from fineas and ferb last week. Yeay… I get to play a non-speaking platypus. JOY! 😐

  7. MotherDuck says:

    I think the movie Wally also did a good job of pointing out the irony that we use these things to stay connected to people yet we are more and more disconnected. I think we all can agree that a nice long hug from a friend or family member beats any “Like” on Facebook. As much as I love my Facebook time, I am way more into the warm bodies of my friends and family.

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