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How to Be a Dad

Facebook Fist Bump (FBFB)


Facebook Fist Bump

You may feel foolish at first, but you’ll probably smile or burst out laughing. You’ll see. YOU’RE FIST BUMPING US (or each other) THROUGH THE INTERNET! And we think that’s almost as rad as teleportation. Except not as useful, probably.

The Fist Bump

Facebook Fist Bump Demonstrated
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It’s easy. The FBFB can be done on any screen, so you really don’t have any excuse not do it! (But be gentle!)

Whatever your thoughts are about this interactive gesture, it’s undeniable that it’s here to stay. Until it gets old and dated and is then replaced with something else, of course. But for now…

A fist bump says, “Hey! _____ is amazing, right? Yes. We both agree that _____ is indeed amazing.” All in one convenient, economical motion. Winking can say the same thing, maybe. But winking can also wind you up in other meanings and messes. A fist bump is clear, easy and is also more hygienic and energy-saving than a high-five.


A fist bump can also simply say, “Hey, rad friend!” That’s where this interactive Instructional Diagram comes into play. It’s our way of saying, “You’re rad. Thanks!” It’s also our way of giving you the chance to use it and say the same thing to someone you think is amazing. People need to hear they’re amazing more. Plus fist bumping through the Internet is super crazy fun! C’mon, try it! No one has to know!


Send us a photo of you fist bumping our FBFB and we’ll feature our favorites on our Facebook Page! Email: To see the photos we’ve posted CLICK HERE!

Charlie & Andy


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More Instructional Diagrams
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24 Responses to “Facebook Fist Bump (FBFB)”

  1. Liesbet says:

    Oh my god. I can’t believe I actually bumped my screen. But you’re right, I’m smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. jessie says:

    this is hilarious!

  3. Brad Jenkins says:

    Two shameless plugs coming up, be warned.

    The fist bump is great. It is so simple it can be used by any age level!

    It also is just the beginning (diagram included for how to blow it up).

  4. Laurie says:

    You guys are hilarious!

  5. mikes says:

    Great… now my screen is laying on the floor.

    • Andy says:

      Fist BUMP. Not punch. BUMP! Think of the little knock a kitten gives your jaw when rubbing up, wait… I’ve had my teeth loosened by some of those. Don’t think of that, just don’t go all Muhammad Ali on your computing equipment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Braindonkey says:

    i wonder if i can squeeze some extra time out of the day to poop out an iphone app for this. lol

  7. Cale says:


    I can handle fist-bumping the screen. But if you guys start throwing up “shockers”….I’m out! ……Maybe….

    • Andy says:

      Is that when you’re watching a video of a bee flying drunkenly from flower to flower lazily and then BLAM! a demonic face appears screaming in your screen? No. No chance of that. We like jokes, but not being total assholes. Partial assholes maybe, but not TOTAL. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Kevin says:

    This is not unlike a wi-five, which is just like a real high-five, except over the internet.

    With a wi-five, one person types “Wi-five!” then both people awkwardly make a high five motion, fail to connect, then awkwardly but silently agree never to speak of it again.

    See, exactly like a real high five.

    Wi-five! yeah!

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