How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

How I Stroll, Journal #1

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I’ve snapped so many photos and recorded hours and hours of video capturing Finn in various states of movement. He and I have always been a pair of adventurers together. Whether on walks braving the urban landscape or hiking deep into the arms of giant Redwoods, we enjoy getting some space.

Here’s the first installment in a series of videos talking about being a dad and wielding a stroller. I hope you enjoy them, and give them a THUMBS UP OVER HERE.

Having trouble? CLICK HERE! This video was shot entirely on an iPhone!

When Baby Jogger asked if I’d do a few videos for them, I was pretty jazzed. We’ve used Baby Jogger since Finn was a tiny munchkin. Let me rephrase: WE ACTUALLY USE THEM. I’m stoked to help them out because we’ve had great success with their mobile baby-pushers.

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Who wants to see a book on a Face?

True Story
I can’t dance. True story. 

Disclosure/Disclaimer Thing: This is a sponsored post for Baby Jogger. This post is my own opinion and my crazytalk doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Baby Jogger or its staff. Who are obviously smart enough to hire us.


15 Responses to “How I Stroll, Journal #1”

  1. Liz says:

    Which one do you use? I’m lusting after the City Mini. It just folds so beautifully. Baby’s due today, and we still have to get our asses to the store to actually buy the damned thing.

    • charlie says:

      We have had the City Mini in black since the very beginning. It’s great because it folds easily, isn’t too wide and very durable while still being lightweight.

      And we just added a Summit, their jogging stroller. LOVE IT. Though it’s a bit bigger than the Mini.

    • Rebecca says:

      We’ve got the City Mini too (… what sold it was the ease of folding. That was the first “parent moment” my husband and I had… lusting after that stroller.

  2. You’re speaking my language here. I also do not have a good relationship with cats and we love our jogging stroller. It was recently retired (sold on kijiji) because our youngest is now at that age where he doesn’t want to ride in a stroller. Sad how fast they grow up but happy to see them growing.

  3. jodi watts says:

    That video is great! Very informative and some good tips.

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks a lot… I was really happy with my stroller until I saw this video. Now I have stroller envy. Great.

    I want the city elite in tan.

    Gosh darn it! Curse this video!!! I am now down 400 because of this.

  5. Yana says:

    Charlie, you are funny. Even here in Siberia you are still funny. I forgot when I used stroller for the last time, using the sled – too much snow:)

  6. Dave L says:

    Love that Finn is rocking the Red Sox gear!

  7. Angel says:

    Very informative guidance give of the baby jogger stroller and nice video that you give it tells all thing about a baby jogger stroller.

  8. Aruna says:

    woww nice article all about a baby jogger stroller.

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