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How to Be a Dad

Rhythm Is a Toddler

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This toddler can dance. Just watch the video.You know what’s cool?

This: Learning that a toddler can dance better than I could ever hope to pretend to even remotely dream of accidentally falling on myself in a way that looks like it’s almost a dance move.

This is unreal.

I present to you…


My wife wants to put Finn into dance classes immediately. I was on the fence before but this kid has a freeride to getting attention from WHOEVER and WHATEVER he wants. The world is his disco-ball-enshrined oyster. So, maybe I’m caving on it.

::busts a super white-boy move::

Or maybe I should stick to nodding my head to music.

If our Facebook page danced like Napoleon Dynamite, that’s what it would be called.

True Story
I can’t dance. True story. 


13 Responses to “Rhythm Is a Toddler”

  1. Shannon says:

    is that real?, that can’t be real. I kind of need it not to be real for the world to make sense. But if it is real, that kid is awesome

  2. Annie says:

    Shannon pretty much said exactly what I was thinking. Please tell me this is not real. I feel my self-esteem lowering as I type this.

  3. Law Momma says:

    Okay. I have a three year old. During the 1 minute I watched this kid dance, I know that my child fell down three times while standing still and also lost interest in whatever he was interested in fifteen times.

    That’s epic.

  4. Kari says:

    My son is almost 3 and we got him that Nickelodeon Dance 2 game which features some of his favorite characters (Umizoomi specifically). The most he does is jump in out of the Kinect sensor while my husband I end up playing the game for him.

    Have you seen the videos of the twin boys who play the dance games with the WiiMotes? I was hoping my son would be like them, but alas, he isnt really into it (at least not yet)

  5. NerdyLutheranChick says:

    I think it is real. He looks slightly older than a “toddler” I think he’s closer to 5. The moves they do are actually fairly simple, he probably has to practice for several hours a day, not just a twenty minute dance lesson a week. Still impressive.

  6. Kerry says:

    Proof that some people are just born with it. Amazing.

  7. Aaron says:

    This kid has America’s Got Talent written all over him.

  8. Jess says:

    Do you watch The Voice? CeeLo Green has a mini-me who’s got some totally sweet toddler dance moves. Please tell me you’ve seen this! It was on last night. I almost peed myself at exactly 2 minutes in. Please watch this!

  9. Julia says:

    I’m really liking the bike in the background.

    This kid seems to be a byproduct of the system that clogs the Olympics with genius gymnasts, but let’s only assume he’s been taught thoroughly and he likes it.

    Because he’s really awesome.

    Or the fluid dancing days of Fred Astaire are gone forever.

  10. I know an American 4 year old girl who can do this. Because she loves it. I’m a believer. He rocks my world.

  11. I’m jealous of his mad skills.

  12. Mike S. says:

    Oh man… I don’t want to be a huge rain cloud on this seemingly cute video of a little dude gettin his groove on but… This kid wasn’t “born with” anything, it’s China he was probably forced to do endless hours of demanding training since the day he could stand up. It’s terrible the things they force their kids into. Read up on the way children are trained as athletes and performers in China, it’s pretty heartbreaking.

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