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How to Be a Dad

My Kid Just Said… #9

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“We have to moof to Mars becaws Staturn is too beeg.”
(2012, 2 11/12ths years old)

Finnegan is the smartest boy alivePS: Who the hell taught him astronomy?

I’m just landing on the edge of that beautiful landscape of my son saying amazing, imaginative things. I’m Ponce DeLeón and I’m discovering the fountain of youth. It’s so awesome. And surreal. I love it.

You know what, kid? After the week I’ve had, I’m apt to believe you. Let’s go find a rocketship.


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19 Responses to “My Kid Just Said… #9”

  1. Emma was my family’s first grandchild so we all collectively were amazed by the things she would say. My sister in law used to ask if I was writing them down. I wasn’t. I’m glad you are. {enjoy}

  2. Stephanie K. says:

    I love it!!

  3. My favorite from TheBoy so far… he was about 2… white cat had been sleeping in a chair, cat hair everywhere. (He has a big stuffed bunny, also white.) He climbed up in the chair to read a book… and started trying to shake the cat hair off his arms and book and said, “Bunny wabbit aw ober da pwace!”

    We still say “(whatever) aw ober da pwace” in reference to any big mess. We laugh more than he does.

  4. Laurie says:

    Very cute!

  5. Aden says:

    So cute! I love reading the hilarious things that kids say. My daughter is only 1 so she has hardly mastered her vocabulary of 4 words. However, she did add a new one a couple of days ago. As I was getting dressed she looked up at me, pointed, and said “boob.” It’s now her favorite thing to say and it’s inexplicably difficult not to giggle like a child whenever she does.

  6. Nat says:

    The other morning my almost 3 year old woke up shortly after 5AM. I told him it was too early to get up, pointed to the window, and explained that it was still dark outside. He responded, “I’M GONNA WAKE UP THE SUN!!” 🙂 He has no knowledge of the other planets yet though. : D

  7. Chris says:

    A month or so ago, I told my 2 1/2 year old daughter it was time to get ready for bed. She got to her feet, jumped forward, and fell to her knees.

    “I can’t fly”. Then she stood up and went to get her pajamas.

    Keep trying, kid. Keep trying.

  8. Jena says:

    My 4 year old told me last night “I’m going to need lots of cups of coffee tomorrow morning.” I don’t think her preschool would appreciate me honering her request. My oldest who is now 15 asked a waiter if the spinach on a salad would be good for her colon health. She was 4 and looked so serous when she asked him. He didn’t know how to reply. It was so sweet and cute. I kid her about it now which drives her crazy. Kids really do have amazing things to say. Write them down so when they are 15 and you want to strangle them you are reminded how sweet they ONCE were.

  9. Desiree says:

    Whatever you do, the more you like it, the less you should tease your child. I teased my daughter right out of asking cute looking stranger children for hugs. :/ But then again, I may have saved her life from a serial kidnapper dressed up as a cute little girl with a bunny on her shirt… you never know.

  10. Coco Cana says:

    That is really cute! My lil guy is 23 months old and he said last night (pointing to the tub and then wagging his finger), “tub tub, no poo poo there. YUCK!” My husband and I are amazed at his vocabulary for a kid not even 2 yet. He’s been talking like that for several months now. Blows my mind! Disclaimer: He has an older sister who’s 4 1/2 and who is talking CONSTANTLY and he literally parrots e-v-e-r-t-h-i-n-g she says. He even mimicked her voice when he said, “YUCK!” LOL! So that helps in the advanced vocab at a young age department. P.S. Love your son’s name too! My lil guy’s middle name is Finn.

  11. Deb says:

    Oh kids and their cute voices and missing consonants! That’s one of the things I’m always sad about missing as they grow. I mourned for a few weeks the day my daughter learned how to pronounce her “R’s” It was a milestone for her and a day of sadness for me. 🙂

  12. Yiying says:

    Love your posts. And this one super cute. You can’t believe how helpful these imagination games are for the kids’ brain development. Keep it going. You are awesome fathers, and have great humor and rad parenting styles. I want to learn from your parenting attitude.

  13. Shelly says:

    My 2 1/2 year old daughter snuggled up to her 4 month old brother and said, “Look mommy! We are best friends forever! I will hold him and carry him and go down the slide wiff him. And when we buy shoes for him, we will have shoes togedder!” I nearly died on the spot!

  14. Shirley says:

    My daughter used to say “Gore” for “Girl” up until her third birthday. Literally. On the morning of her birthday, her dad said, “So Leora, you’re 3 years old today. Is anything different?” And she replied, “Yes, I can say GIRL now!” Our children will infinitely amaze us. I think it’s to keep us from leaving them with random strangers when they annoy the crap out of us. (I kid.Mostly)

  15. Louise says:

    My 12 month old has learnt that shaking her head is the signal for no… but she doesn’t know what no means yet. Everytime we pull her away from potential injury/food poisoning we say no firmly, and she shakes her head and giggles like a maniac, so proud of herself for knowing she has to shake her head for ‘no’. And then she goes for the potential injury/food poisoning again.

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