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Why 3D Belongs in the Family Room

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There’s nothing like enjoying a great 3D movie in the theater, well except for that weird smelling guy with the lazy eye who always manages to sit next to you and the kids (who is that guy?). And what about that finger-sniffing doorknob two rows down who’s obsessively texting someone every 3.2 seconds? Yeah, 3D at the theater is cool and all, but you and I both know what always wins out. Getting that same 3D “ba-bam” that you got on the big screen … at home!

At home you have choices, especially when your living room is pimped out with blackout blinds, a sofa with cupholders, and a TV equipped for the future. New, innovative technology lets you watch any show in 2D or 3D with the press of a button (and in the requisite flashy HD brilliance). Plus, watching sports in 3D is amazing; it makes the game truly come alive. Now maybe I had you with “sports in 3D,” but you must keep reading…

The LG Cinema 3D TV has a virtually frameless Cinema Screen, along with a wide viewing angle so you don’t have to cram everybody in front – which is a big deal at our place. Plus, the 3D glasses they supply are the most affordable ones out there that can deliver quality without batteries. Heck, you can even use the ones they give you at the theatre, which totally works for me. Up until now, I had little use for the 12 pairs of extra 3D glasses I stuffed in my wife’s purse along the way, but since they really do work, I finally have a legitimate use for them beyond playing dress-up with the kids.

Okay… it was dress-up with the dog and cat, but still! Definitely something to take another (3D?) look at! Check out LG’s website or their Facebook page for more info.

What would you convert from 2d to 3d with the push of a button?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you today by LG & it’s futuristic, butt-whooping Cinema 3D TV. And they did not give us a TV, though, in retrospect, they probably should have since we’re obsessed with movies and incredible technology.


68 Responses to “Why 3D Belongs in the Family Room”

  1. Meagan says:

    I was going to scold you for not mentioning that 3D can be harmful to children’s vision, but apparently that’s not true.

  2. the grumbles says:

    My brother in law has the 3D button and we all got together and watched Lord of the Rings in a glasses-wearing marathon. Now I’m going to start telling people I’ve been inside an elf forest BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

  3. krystal says:

    I’m all for watching movies of any kind in the comfort of my own home. Mostly because I have little to no patience for people who are disrespectful to other movie goers. You know, like that guy who is texting through the movie? NO THANK YOU. You have now furthered my quest for a 3D big screen, my husband thanks you.

  4. We just upgraded from a 300lb 90s tv to an hdlcwhateverthehell.

    Love this post and this blog. Best blog on the Internet. Hands down.

  5. I want it. Wait, are you not giving it away? What the hell then? Are you just bragging about how awesome it is? Because now I’m going to have to siphon off my kid’s college fund to get one. Thanks a lot, How To Be A Dad.

  6. Miranda says:

    We take one vacation or mini-vacation a year with our very good friends. Two years ago we stayed in a cabin once that had a 3D tv. If there hadn’t been a hot tub and beer outside, I doubt anyone would’ve left the TV room for the entire long weekend. So it was basically like we went on vacation to watch TV.

  7. Arianna says:

    I think I’ve ventured out to the movie theater a total of 6 times since having a kid three years ago. It’s just not worth it. The tickets are expensive, the snacks are way overpriced and the floors are ALWAYS sticky. It’s gross. Anyway, my stepdad just bought a 70″ with 3D, so I’m good. Movie nights at grandma’s house, FTW!

  8. Here in Texas it’s pretty common for regular ol’ middle class folks to have houses big enough for whole “Media Rooms” where we can set up our own private movie theaters. It’s one of the trade offs of having to live in this wretched sauna, overrun by geckos, I guess. If we moved to a house with a room like that, I always said I’d turn it into my personal craft room, but as the kids get older and the cost of going to the movies as a family (and the thought of even attempting to do that) gets crazier and crazier, I’m slowly warming up to the idea of a Media Room, which would, for sure, have a 3D TV in it.

  9. Stefanie says:

    We make our teens watch Hard Time on NatGeo in hopes that they themselves can avoid the whole prison life. It would be WAY more effective in 3D.

  10. Pedro says:

    It’s very, very unusual but you missed a point :)! In the theatre it’s hard for the kids to see the whole 3D movie without complaining they don’t want to wear those glasses and from half the movie on he keeps complaining about the glasses and can’t see the movie without them. Back at home, you can stop the movie, let them go for a walk or simply change it to 2D from then on… At least in my case I’ve given up watching 3D movies with my 4 yo son.

  11. Definitely home theatre instead of movie theatre… unless shit’s getting blown up or there are hot guys with their shirts off because my living room is;n’t big enough for the screen I’d need.

    Seriously though this is awesome! I totally want one! Can you imagine how awesome My Little Pony will look on that thing!?!?

  12. Amy says:

    When I was a kid, we wore paper 3D glasses with one blue lens and one red lens AND WE LIKED IT!

    Okay, they pretty much sucked.

    3D technology has come a LONG way, eh?

  13. Avara says:

    So…since you’ve written about it, does this mean we can get one??? Please, please, please… 🙂 Love, Avara & Finn

  14. Vanessa says:

    Magic Mike in 3D. Women agree.

  15. Reggie says:

    Is this really cool to say? 3D glasses make your eyes go crossed! These ones are better then the old red and blue ones because those make crossed eyed and color blind! Still not cool to show a kid with the glasses. kids get a lot of trouble about being crosseyed.

  16. I am going to have to erase my entire browsing history after looking at this – I might even have to just throw my whole laptop down a well – or my husband is going to get online and order one RIGHT NOW. Although the thought of watching *insert name of super cool hipster approved movie even though what I really want to watch is Harry Potter here* in 3D knocks my socks off.

  17. You are evil. I can’t afford that thing AND I WANT ONE!!!!! Holy cats that is AMAZING.

    As for what I would make 3D… it would be fun to have picture viewers in 3D like Harry Potter’s…

    Wait. Does that TV do THAT?????

  18. Chelsey says:

    My husband thinks it’s awesome to watch football in 3D. So, I hate it.

  19. I said when 3D TV is perfected, I will no longer have reason to leave my house. Looks like I can go ahead and flush my car keys.

  20. Mel says:

    I have a nice fancy 59 inch 3D, but it has a crappy 42 inch non-3D in front of it, after a run in with a plastic toy, the trade off for the super thin tv is that it no longer has that protective layer in front of the screen 🙁

  21. Shawn says:

    I think Reggie is playing the fool & suckering people in. If not, there’s no way to convince or argue with a fool. They’ll bring you down to their level, but beat you with experience.
    I do think, however, the ‘Flat Earth Society’ would welcome a new member, as would the “Apolo 13/Mars Rover Fraud” clubs.

  22. FirstTimeMom #Jamaica says:

    ok so wen i read: LMBSO! (Laughing my bar of soap off) i did everything possible to not laugh, coz, well it’s almost midnight and hussy n ma lil one is sleeping…and i managed to laugh on the inside. Then i wound up reading this: ( oo ) <-crossing my eyes out loud…and all inhibitions went thru the front door!!! I was laughing like an idiot, trying to cover up with a pillow so i wont disturb precious slumber! Why!!! WHY!!!! do u do this to me?
    PS: how can Reggie claim to know so much about 3D and not know what lol is…so funny coz everyone is LOL at him!!!

  23. Bubble Guppies in 3D? No thanks.

  24. Catherine says:

    Can you imagine how shark week in 3d would require adult diapers??!!! Bring it on!

  25. I bought one of these 42″ 3d cinema smart tv by lg…..I LOVE IT. One thing to remember is that there are definitely differences in 3D types. Some will cause headaches (active shutter) and other issues like nausea and dizziness (It does for me). Overall the passive 3D is awesome with no issues for kids etc. We change things all the time from 2D to 3D even netflix and hulu. It is not quite the same as video made for 3d but it does work. So far it was money well spent….And we do watch the 3d movies as now disney has some great titles to select from through LG and accessing VUDU which streams 3d is good as well.

  26. Erich says:

    I’m blind in one eye so I can’t see 3D. My wife respects this and doesn’t harp about buying a 3D TV which is great.

  27. Josie says:

    I went to the electronics store with a single thought, buy a TV from several inches to the theater room in our house. The cost of the ‘many’ inches was the same as that of a smaller tv, but with 3D, I do not know how it happened but my husband convinced me and ended up buying the 3D tv. Now I’m so happy! 3D technology is unparalleled, the problem is that, today, few 3D movies are achieved at least in my country (Mexico) and there is no pay channels with this technology, I think at least for my country, too much technology. = (

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