How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

A Father’s Uniform

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I’m not a huge fan of dads being lionized or transformed into mythical creatures who can do no wrong. Similarly, I despise dads being called dumb, especially before they’re even allowed to make fools of themselves. It bums me out.

But now, I think, I’ve found the perfect uniform for dads… and moms.

Forget superhero aprons, or ninja pajamas. A superhero (or superheroine) snuggie is where it’s AT. When your kids ask you, “Hey Dad, I need five bucks.” You can respond, “Not now, son. Superman is watching Sportscenter.”

But why stop at Superman? Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman.. the list goes on.

Having the superhero moniker can get you out of trouble and deliver you into snuggly warmth. Sure, it’s like 115° all over the world right now, but just think of all the cuddly goodness that a themed blanket could bring during wintertime.

I know I will be “buying” one of these very soon. When the temperature drops, and the cloud of bullshizz covers the sky of November elections. It’ll get real cold, real quick. Especially for us parents.

To buy this multifunction outfit/uniform/blanket:


Who the h-e-double hockey sticks is running this fart parade?
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5 Responses to “A Father’s Uniform”

  1. Steve says:

    Awesome! A few years ago, at the zenith of Snuggie popularity and cultural impact, we had a “Yankee Christmas” –you know, where everyone buys a cheap gift, draws numbers, and picks presents at random, but you can grab someone elses previously claimed gift–well, we very nearly had a fight between my wife and my brother, over a Zebra-striped Snuggie. Now somehow there are three Snuggies in the family–the aforementioned bellicose zebra print, one in basic forest green, and one that can only be described as last decade’s Pepto Bismal that you dug out of the closet.

    I can only imagine the Yankee Christmas carnage had the contents of the gift box been a totally rad SpongeBob Snuggie!

  2. Lacey S says:

    Just looking at that makes me break into a sweat, and I live in the coldest place in the nation right now (Seattle :P) … still, maybe this winter… I could really do with a supergirl snuggie…..

  3. That Wonder Women Snuggie is HOT! Totally added to my wish list for Christmas. Now just to convince my husband (aka human furnace) that Snuggies are not useless…

  4. Canadian Dad says:

    I just special ordered the Andy Herald Snuggie and I can’t wait to try it out! Sorry Charlie, but I wear glasses too so it just made sense.

  5. Hallie says:

    It’s nice to hear that someone else is tired of dad’s being called dumb. Especially on sitcoms. The dad is always portrayed as the big doof and the mom there to set him straight. This is coming from the wife of an incredibly intelligent husband and great daddy! End rant 🙂

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