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How to Be a Dad

Super Minimalist Hero!

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Have you ever heard of Bloop?

Yes, it’s the sound your computer makes if you live in 1982 or the sound of the antacids you put in your morning tequila.

But it’s also the sound of awesome in an artistic form.

Last week, we posted this:

But I wanted to know if they were available for purchase, and fell down the deep rabbit hole of awesome…



I was obsessed. I had to find this guy and eventually, I successed. Meet Bloop, AKA Andres Romero, craftsman of rad…

4th Interview-gasm!

Andres, the renegade, ass-kicking artist.

CHARLIE: Your artist name is Bloop. What makes you so “bloop-tacular”?
ANDRES: Bloop was the perfect sound effect for the job. As for my blooptacularness… I guess I’ve been very lucky so far. Reddit really snowballed my designs out of proportion.. I’ve received so much client work after the posters that I haven’t had a chance to go back to my personal work yet.

CHARLIE: Which superhero would you have build you a house?
ANDRES: I didn’t even have to think for this one, Iron Man. Hell the hilltop mansion that he has in the film is probably my dream home. It’d be pretty sweet if he included J.A.R.V.I.S with it.

CHARLIE: You’re an artist, why can’t I frigging draw anything?
ANDRES: Being an artist has no correlation with drawing skill. You could probably splat a soiled diaper on a canvas and sell it to the right art collector. (If you make money off of this I want a cut)
As far as drawing goes that skill just takes practice, it’s definitely a skill that can be taught. I’d be in a much worse position if it wasn’t for some of my mentor-like professors.

CHARLIE: The number “6” is awesome, right?
ANDRES: Yes it is! but mainly because it’s my birth month. Fun Fact about my birthday: It’s an ambigram,flipping it upside down ends up in the same date. 06-11-90 What makes you fond of the number 6?
CHARLIE: That’s none of your damn business.

CHARLIE: Bow-tie or suspenders?
ANDRES: Bow-Ties. The Doctor would definitely agree with me on this one.

CHARLIE: Sorry to invoke the “T” word, but who would win in an octagon match: Harry Potter or Edward Cullen? Why?
ANDRES: I don’t think glistening skin makes for a formidable foe against the boy who lived. Harry has fought just about every other creature, a vampire (and one that sparkles no less) would be no match.

CHARLIE: Do you have any stalkers yet and/or would you like one?
ANDRES: There’s no secret fan club with a shrine of my nail clippings as far as I can tell… I suppose I wouldn’t mind having a stalker if it was this one.

So go support this guy. Seriously. He’s quite the talent.


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This man’s kick-ass art deserves it, buddy…


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