How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Toddlers Run The World: Exhibit Q

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The world will try to convince you that children are to be seen and not heard. People will strive to make small people feel smaller.

Well, they obviously haven’t met “Will,” a young boy from Philadelphia.

With enough attention and charisma, it’s quite possible Will or some other cute kid could take control of our country in one shot with the way things are these days. Sure, there are adults who would try to stop him, but who would want to? Kids are rad, and our alternatives pretty slim.

It’s fairly obvious Will has not only learned the fine art of mind control. Many of our kids have probably already begun making preparations for Operation: Mommy-Daddy Overthrow.

Yes my friends, toddlers could be our masters and overlords one day if a tantrum goes on too long or their cute cheeks melt our brains into a ground beef pudding just enough.

We better learn to deal with their cuteness and ulterior motives before it’s too late. Or, you know what? Screw it. They would rule as benign dictators anyway, given enough toys, pacifiers, blankies, cuddles, food and diapers.

At least we’d know we were dealing with “babies” at that point.

Have a great weekend.

Snuggles and hand grenades,


You might never return.

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6 Responses to “Toddlers Run The World: Exhibit Q”

  1. That’s the cutest chubby-fingered power-hungry S.O.B. I’ve seen in a long time. All Hail Kid in Red Vest!

  2. Christina says:

    That was pretty funny. I could see the wheels in his brain churning trying to figure out the connection between his raised arms and the crowd cheering!

    • Lacey S says:

      Actually he seems to be thinking a little TOO hard about it. This is obviously a child for whom dictatorship does not come naturally. My son would be self-assured and laughing – he is used to the world being filled with pawns to do his bidding. I’m sure we’re going to pay for that later, but for now it’s just too cute 😉

  3. Karen says:

    Is this a lesson we really want him to learn???

  4. Kristin says:

    Haha! My 1 year old totally does this!
    He often leads the wave at the dinner table when we are at his grandparents. He gets a look on his face that seems to say “Oh, the power! I can stop 5 adults from eating dinner and make them follow me!”

  5. Lisa says:

    I noticed that the mom is getting him to raise his arms by asking, “How big is Will?”

    The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world, indeed.

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