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Young Punks – Hipster Babies Never Looked So Rad

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Do you guys remember this post?

Does my son look like Zoolander or Mickey Rourke?

Yeah, it’s a sweet little Finn-monkey photo, right? Well, how about that shirt?

I did a little digging and I’ve found the gentleman behind this as well as many other INSANELY RAD t-shirts and onesies.

Check out


I am the future - by  


They range from newborn onesies all the way up to 12 year-old youth shirts and the shirts he uses are from American Apparel, a local, sweatshop-free clothing manufacturer here in Los Angeles.

3rd Interview-gasm!

Phil Rowntree of YoungPunks.comMeet Phil Rowntree and his son, Fionn, of

CHARLIE: What made you decide to be the Wolfgang von Mozart of rad t-shirts?
PHIL: My son Fionn was singing along to The Queen of the Night and I realized he needed some clothes.

CHARLIE: Why does the color yellow smell like lemons?
PHIL: It doesn’t, but it probably should – your question makes me happy, as it makes me think of lemonade, which is yellow and does smell of lemons – so perhaps I’m wrong – either way, I love lemonade.

CHARLIE: Have you ever told the parent of a kid you saw out-and-about that they were wearing your shirt only to have them throw wads of cash at you?
PHIL: Yes I have seen kids wearing my shirts and yes I have pointed out that I made their kid’s shirt. Unfortunately none of them have thrown any money at me and they usually look at me like I’m some sort of weirdo – I find that letting my son give them a bunch of Young Punks stickers usually stops them calling the authorities.

CHARLIE: What is your favorite word in Swahili?
PHIL: Bollocks! is my favorite word in every language.

CHARLIE: Does my breath smell?
PHIL: Only in the mornings 😉

Go support this rad single dad and buy some shirts from his store: CLICK HERE!

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8 Responses to “Young Punks – Hipster Babies Never Looked So Rad”

  1. Lizz says:

    Gah! Max has had and outgrown several Young Punks shirts in his 4 years! We’re local to the Bay Area, so we’ve seen him at several street fairs and shows! Good stuff!

  2. […] awesome t-shirts and onesies from California company Young Punks at Bunch HQ (tip of the hat to, we were immediately besotted with their hilariously cute prints for babes and […]

  3. Sebastian says:

    Great article! Great alternative to having to buy kid’s clothes from Carter’s all the time.

    Sometimes I think Build-a-bear and Carter’s get their stuff from the same place.

  4. Mike says:

    Those shirts are awesome! I’d throw money at you, Phil. Great interview.

  5. Lacey says:

    I am in desperate need of the Little Dude Abides one lol. Awesome!

  6. The “don’t mess with my daddy” tee is so awesome ! I can’t believe he has even created “the dude” on a t-shirt too. This guy rocks !

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