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How to Be a Dad

Superhero Tutus: FOR BADASSES

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I’ve recently realized that we don’t talk a whole hell of a lot about having daughters. And that is totally our fault. Both Andy and I have no daughters to speak of (or that we know of). That might make it seem like we don’t care or don’t want to cover “the funny” about having female progeny.

Not so!

So, today I’ve decided to seek out daddy-daughter material, I feel like I’ve hit a cool starter topic for this conversation:


Goody Goody Tutus

Oh, snap. That’s right. Tutus for girls who happen to be Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman… you name it. Screw this gender-bias thing, and go to straight to AWESOMELAND. No longer will little girls have to play with the “pink legos” or be perfect little princesses. I say, if your girl wants to be a princess, rock it out. If they want to play “boy sports” then let those boys have it. If they want to fight crime, MORE POWER TO THEM.

These awesome outfits come from Goody Goody Tutus, an Etsy store with superhero, fairy tale, pirate and tons of other themed tutu outfits. And hey, if you don’t have a girly-girl, you don’t have to force these outfits on her. If she wants to scale mountains and wear jeans, rock that out too.

For the longest time I thought I would have a girl first. No idea why that is. No idea what led me to believe it. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have a daughter. Until then, I’m keeping this one bookmarked, for future use.

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These tutus are radsome (rad+awesome)…


22 Responses to “Superhero Tutus: FOR BADASSES”

  1. Tina Reher says:

    a world of YES! Saw them over at the mary sue (i think) and the question i’ve had banging around in my head is; do they come in a size “Mommy”? Because honestly I want one of those!

    I’m the proud raiser of a daughter – and just the other day I had the conversation of; “someone at kindergarden said my shirt was not a girl’s shirt!” with my 3 and half year old. Shirt in question was a turquoise tee with a print of Mater from Cars on it. Why? Becaues Mater is a major hero in our house and half my daughter’s t-shirts have either the cast of Cars or the cast of ToyStory on them. Ofcourse Ida being the strong little girl she is had stood up to the 6 year old and informed her of her wrongness because CLEARLY it was a girls’ shirt because Daddy had bought it for HER! (3 year old logic for the epic win!)

    I’m working really hard to make her understand that you can be a girly girl with pretty dresses one day and then turn around and wear jeans and t-shirts the next day and know about race cars like the boys. I don’t want her to belimited in any way.

  2. Monica says:

    I enjoy my son, but if I had a little girl next time, I think she would wear these every day of the year because they are that awesome. Love it!

  3. Stephanie says:

    OH MY GOD – how do I get that in grown-up size??!!

  4. Laurie says:

    Cute! You guys totally should have daughters! I mean, not like you have a choice or anything, but that would be cool!

  5. Stephanie K. says:


  6. Awesome and cute. My daughter is a pink only kind of girl but I think she’d go for the Wonder Woman.

  7. haley says:

    Pigtail pals and ball cap buddies you should check out.

  8. Shilpa says:

    I NEED these. For reasons…

    Also, these are pretty cool:

    Kids get the best geekwear…

  9. Kimmer says:

    My daughter is 3, & these would be right in her wheelhouse.

  10. Dork Dad says:

    Why oh why weren’t these around 4 years ago when my daughter was firmly entrenched in the tutu-stage?


  11. Alan says:

    Whoa whoa whoa WHOA!!

    Charlie! What the heck!?!? Why are these “tutus for girls”??? How does qualify as screwing “this gender-bias thing”???

    What if my son wants to wear a tutu, you ignorant neanderthal!! Should I be telling him, “No, no. Superman tutus aren’t for boys. Only girls can wear those. There’s no place for your little do-do in there.” Come on, this is 2012!

    I don’t understand how this post is even remotely more daughter-orientated than anything else you’ve published.

    Worst. Post. Evar.


    • charlie says:

      Oh, ALAN. I’ve had way too much of that this week to enjoy this joke!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!! I’ve answered every single person who has asked: YES, YOUR BOYS CAN WEAR THEM TOO.

      • Alan says:

        Gotcha. I’ve had one of those weeks too. Let’s try this instead:

        It’s funny how there’s a Supergirl, Batgirl and a Robin that’s a girl (albeit, a dead girl), and yet the logos on these tutus are all from their male counterpart’s design. That does mess with “gender-bias”!

        I wonder if they make Wonder Woman overalls. How would those sell?

        Have a good weekend. 🙂

  12. Emily S. says:

    I just showed these to my girls, and now I think I’ll HAVE to buy one of each! Oh no! But awesome!

  13. Mimi says:

    I… I have no words. Well, maybe a few. Those are so totally amazing!! Now I’m bitter that we’re having another boy! (j/k)

  14. India says:

    I have a 3 year old daughter who loves pirates, rock music and super heroes, but still loves the girly stuff. This is perfect!

  15. I’m pretty freakin’ cool and open minded as a Dad. My boy’s favorite color is indeed pink, and we’re about to redo his bed in rainbows. He’s 4. Seriously, I’m not sweating. But yea, I’m totally NOT gonna show him these.

  16. Raul says:

    These tutus are great!!! I have two girls and one of them is into play fighting, superhero stuff and some how learned to do an arm bar she’s going to freak out over these

  17. OH MY WORD!! Both of my girls are insane superhero fans!! As I type, they’re coloring in The Avengers and Justice League coloring books!!! My oldest said yesterday that she’ll never be able to be like Hawk Girl b/c she doesn’t have clothes like her. Well, PROBLEM SOLVED!! I am so buying these!!! Thanks!

  18. Nil17 says:

    This is teh awesomesauce! Not only do I need one for my little girl but ger older brother is going through a dress up stage & he would probably want one too. Adult sizes would rock cuz then my little M & I could do matchies for Halloween.

  19. Lilace says:

    Cool but my daughter is way ahead (saves time not waiting on her parents). She’s always paired her superhero t-shirts (hand-me downs from her big brother so of course they are cool) with tut-tus in non-matching pinks and purples, or fairy wings. My favorite was the mash-up of Superman and Tinkerbell. And Etsy is fine but thrift stores, yard sales, and hand-me-downs are better! I can hardly wait till he outgrows his Hell-boy stuff!

  20. Claudia says:

    Being the mommy of a badass 6 year old girl. I showed a pic of tutus ones with Batman and Robin themes. She was like OH NO MOM! Batman and Robin would never wear them! ON an unrelated note she wants to be Hawkeye for Halloween. She is one kick ass kid for sure!

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