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Wookiee the Chew

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It had to be done, folks. And so it is.

I posted the following image on our Facebook page last week and it caused quite a stir, so I set forth on a journey of finding the artist responsible…

… his name is JAMES HANCE.

Only after perusing his site did I discover that he was responsible for so many rad images I’d seen passed around the internet like a milkshake at dairy addicts anonymous convention.




Quick sidebar: It really sucks when your authorship has been stripped from images and creative works. We’ve had a bunch of our images defaced. It’s heartbreaking. Sites like “funnyjunk” and “9gag” could give less of crap about things like intellectual property and ownership. That’s how they continue to exist. Please do whatever you can to credit the original source of the art or videos when you share them on social networks. Credit where credit is due, right? Artists deserve it. James certainly does. /soapboxrant

2nd Interview-gasm!

After the flaming wreckage tremendous success of my first interview, I figured I should attempt another. Why? Because I enjoy making my interviewees feel weird and appreciated at the same time. It messes with their creative little heads.

So, here’s my interview with James Hance, creative genius and artist of the above images:

CHARLIE: How did you give intellectual birth to this incredible crossover epicness of Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh?
JAMES: I had a dream where I’d already drawn the characters, so I woke up and drew them on paper before I forgot what I’d seen. I also drew an octopus. I don’t know why I did that, they’re absolutely terrifying.

CHARLIE: Did you ever think to yourself growing up, “Man, Eeyore is an a$$hole”?
JAMES: A little bit, I suppose! I understand where he’s coming from a little bit now, though. Tigger routinely destroyed his house. His actual home. Destroyed. That was all he had, man. THAT WAS ALL HE HAD. I always felt he was one collapsed pile of sticks away from becoming Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’.

CHARLIE: How was it working with Al Pacino?*
JAMES: A true professional. It’s completely true what they say – he *is* actually two small Al Pacinos in a long coat. The one at the bottom is albino.

CHARLIE: Who do you think would win in an octagon battle to the death: Tigger or R2D2?
JAMES: I’d like to think it’d be R2, with 3P0 in his corner with a little hearing aid in and a woolly hat, like Mickey. And I just spend fifteen whole minutes thinking about that.

CHARLIE: Why didn’t you come to my birthday party last month?
JAMES: I was going to, sincerely, but as I left my house for yours I’m PRETTY sure I saw an eagle.

CHARLIE: Anything else you’d like to say?
JAMES: My new book, co-written by the mighty non-ginger ninja, Leila Miyamoto is a little bed time story for Whovians young, old and REALLY old. It’s called ‘Goodnight, Pond’ and you can find out about it at

Go follow this rad dude on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

James’ current prints, books, tees and whatnot and such and the like, can be found at:

*Note: To my knowledge, Mr. Hance has never worked with Al Pacino.

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8 Responses to “Wookiee the Chew”

  1. Such talent! What a blast from the past. I particularly love the Prince Adam and the Peter Pan Lost Boys.

  2. Watch out with FunnyJunk – you don’t want to get a letter from their attorney. 😉

  3. Love the art work. How does James get past the whole copyright/license thing though? Can anyone do a mashup up of well known entertainment entities for profit?

  4. Annie says:

    I think I am in love with his mind. Talk about amazing.

  5. Jess says:

    Annie took the words right out of my mouth. I’m in love and I want it all.

  6. Ryan H. says:

    I want these on my wall. I mean my son’s wall.
    I don’t really, I mean my wall 🙂

  7. My thoughts while reading this:
    “Star Wars, Star Wars, blah, blah… Ha, Charlie’s funny… An eagle? …Wait, non-ginger? … *GASP* Whovian!” And then I pounced on this new book and signed up for the mailing list.
    (Yes, I did gasp in my thoughts. Just like that.)

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