How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Said… #56b

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“So, when you post one of my quotes twice, do I get paid extra?”

I accidentally posted today’s quote twice. The earlier one is here.

The answer is no. No, honey, you do not.

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12 Responses to “My Wife Just Said… #56b”

  1. Corissa says:

    ha ha ha i totally noticed that. i thought i was going crazy.

  2. Julius says:

    But this time it included her as well 😉

  3. Cory says:

    I’m just amazed that your wife reads your blog and knows it well enough to call you on it. 😉

  4. Stephanie K. says:

    I think she should get paid twice ;-P

  5. Mike says:

    Cool guy sleping

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