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How to Be a Dad

Revenge of the Santa Photo!

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We decided to take a poll in last Thursday’s post featuring Finn’s meltdown on Santa’s lap…

And now…

Toddler cries on santa's lap.

That’s not an icicle coming
out of my son’s mouth, people.
It’s a crycicle.

This Santa was very professional, but you can still almost see the fevered look in his eyes, silently screaming, “take the friggin’ picture and grab this kid before he unloads on my knee!”

Reference Materials: Thought you might need to see the evolution of the Santa photo nightmare.

Year 2009 (on the left): Everyone is happy snuggles and smilinWTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR TEETH, SANTA!?! (gag) Moving on.

Year 2010 (on the right): The beginning of the end.

Year 2011 (above): Seems like it’s just getting worse.

Santa, what happened to your teeth!?!Maybe Finn just hasn’t noticed the rock-chewing smile on this Santa yet. (Click to enlarge) Toddler cries on santa's lap.“Ho ho ho! You can’t ask for a contract on Santa’s life for Christmas, little boy.”



37 Responses to “Revenge of the Santa Photo!”

  1. Mary says:

    Well, he looks slightly less upset than last year. Probably next year he’ll just have a trembling lip and no tears at all. Hopefully.

    • charlie says:

      🙂 The other variable is the “extortion factor.” Once Finn learns that he needs to be on the nice list, then being a good boy extends into sitting and smiling on Santa’s lap. With these photos, and all the crap that goes along with getting him there, you better believe I won’t be above that!

  2. Stop torturing the poor kid. Try the Hannukah Armadillo! #freefinn.

  3. Monica says:

    Santa looks happy in the first 2, but in the last one he looks like he is trying to smile while learning it’s the end of the world and Zombies do exsist. Hahahahaha

    I refuse to make my son sit on some strangers lap so he can scream bloody murder all while I have wasted 3 hours of my life to have this “Perfect Santa Pic” of my son screaming and crying. If he asks to take a pic with santa then maybe (prolly not). I would rather have a cute family pic than have the dreaded “Santa” pic.

    We got my son’s pics done for Christmas and they put a santa sleeve on my hubby with a white glove and he is holding out a plate with cookies and milk on it while my 11 month old son reaches for it (then he found out the cookies and milk were fake). All you see is “Santa’s hand” sharing the milk and cookies. That is the closest to a santa pic he will have this year. It turned out super cute and he is smiling in the pic.

  4. Stephanie K. says:

    Last year Braelyn refused to take the pic unless mommy and daddy were standing with her. We’ll see how this year goes with Liam by her side!

  5. Braindonkey says:

    Someday, there will most likely be a similar HS/College photo. Sitting in about the same posture, same look on face, with vomit drool hanging from his mouth.

  6. Jen says:

    Agreed – you need to do a little photoshopping on Santa ’09’s teeth. But Santa ’11 is legit. Which mall is he at? 😉

  7. Mark Greene says:

    Is there something mandatory about the Santa photo? Did I not get the memo?

  8. They just get better! There’s no way I thought he could top last year! I seriously hope that you guys send these out as your Christmas cards. And I also seriously hope that he gets the worthwhile humor in this one day, when he’s grown up. When he’s no longer traumatized. I hope he’s no longer traumatized one day.

  9. Kimberly says:

    This is one of the best Santa photo freakouts I’ve ever seen. He is adorable. I love it!

  10. MotherDuck says:

    Poor Finn….I just wanna give him a hug and tell him it’s all going to be okay. That one day he will grow to love Santa from watching movies and singing songs and it will all be beautiful, for a while, then some dork on the playground will take all of the magic away by saying it’s all made up and that his parents and movies are all liars. Lordy, what do we do to ourselves!

  11. Love the pictures, but most of all I love 2010 and 2011 Breton looks, your kid has got style! The converse and moccasins…clever way to make the outfit even more trendy. Oh, wait…shame about the crycicle. ahaha

  12. Flawless Mom says:

    This just made my eyes water from laughing so hard. Anyone ever consider getting in there with him? I don’t know, I know it’s extreme, but sometimes parents get in the photo, too. You know, to keep the kid calm and save Santa from melt downs. Having said that, please don’t do it. I want to see how this year turns out.

  13. Delia R says:

    love it!!! Hilarious!Your son is officially traumatized!! poor baby….I think your going to have to consider taking his pics in front of the tree…:)

  14. I thought my son’s scared face was bad a number of years back, but your son has taken it to a whole new level! I hope you didn’t tell him that Santa’s has to come around to his house?!

  15. Year 1 … he was too small to know anything.
    Year 2 … only if I was standing and holding him.
    Year 3 … success as he waited in line, patiently, and sat on Santa’s lap with his little brother.

    Best of luck that Finn comes around next year. Or, you have the next great Internet meme brewing.

  16. Santa’s teeth when Finn was a wee babe are IN-CREDIBLE. You can’t make that crap up.

  17. Mark Greene says:

    I’m having a vague recollection from my own crying on Santa’s lap days when I was four or so. I recall the costume smelled weird and SOUNDED crunchy. I’m just saying… as potential prey we small humans can hear real well. As I recall, Santa sounded like a meat eating predator.

  18. Sakinah says:

    Seriously I just want to thank you guys!! You make me laugh sooooo hard even when i’m having a craptacular day. Keep ’em comin’ boys!

  19. Tami says:


  20. Nikki says:

    I stopped taking Santa pictures after I had my first child (mostly due to sheer laziness and I have no patience for lines). That said replace Santa with a vacuum cleaner and you get the same result with my youngest. Takeaway? Stop vacuuming. was a blessing in disguise for us really.

  21. JeninCanada says:

    Aww, poor Finn. Maybe next year will be better. I hope so, for all your sakes! (Including Santa’s!)

  22. Faman says:

    When my soon to be 19 yr old daughter was small enough to fit in a stroller I did mall walking for fitness in bad weather and winter. For 3 years she was able to wave at Santa everyday after Thanksgiving and about 2 weeks before Christmas we started to stop by to say “Hi” and eventually she went on her own.
    Having the time was awesome but the kids to follow didn’t have the luxury of the slow warm up, still only have one of my 5 yr old with Santa and that was not a planned one. It was snapped with my daughters phone as a Santa walked by in a store, lol.

  23. Ashlee says:

    Lol too cute! I think it’s funny! I knew my daughter was going to freak out but I wanted to have the picture to show off later! I prepped my son and he did great! This was both my kiddos first time seeing Santa 🙂

  24. Realistic Momma says:

    Looks like our Santa Pictures.
    I just have to laugh at the backlash. You see once upon a time.. when my daughter was Finns age she screamed and cried because she wanted to tell Santa she wanted a real Pony for Christmas, literally. She waited patiently in line, bouncing and excited to meet the Claus Man.
    The result? She puked on Santa’s beard, Santa got a nice big tip and we have a picture that sits proudly in her baby book. For those who think picture time with Santa is torture? You either haven’t had kids or you will reeeeeally wish you had funnys like this to look at when your kids are teens and driving you mad.

  25. tia says:

    crycicle…this post is amazing. Finn will mend, especially when he finds out in a few weeks that the same scary man pictured brought him some awesome toys! Yes, indeed, he will mend!

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