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How to Be a Dad

Big Brother? Big Daddy!

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First off, I’m not a paranoid parent. I check on my son if it’s: A. a loud noise in my son’s room or B. Too quiet. So, when we got this baby monitor as a gift at my wife’s baby shower, I was a little skeptical.

It saved my life. And thankfully wasn’t necessary to save Finn’s.

This little video monitor is super-easy to use. You turn on the little camera and point it at your baby. Like a paparazzi, only sweeter. Then, you walk out of their room and you turn on the monitor. It has a color display during daylight and awesome night-vision in the dark (cue snickers about a certain celebrity’s mid-coitus-tape). It’s the most handy usage of stalking technology ever.

Amazing day and night baby monitor

“Turn on, tune in and stay out of the Baby’s Room”

Now, checking on your little boy or girl without opening the door and hearing it creak just became possible. Yeah, that just happened. You sir, can walk away while still being in the room! Fact.

There’s also a sound gauge so if you decide to turn the monitor audio down while you’re watching Sesame Street by your lonesome (which I DO NOT DO) nestled into a bag of Pirates Booty, you can watch the volume level bars for any loud noise inside your baby’s room.

And again, just to reiterate over and over, we’re not paid for this review, but we could be Summer Infant… Is this thing on? ::tap, tap::

Infant Day & Night Monitor:


  • I rested a little easier when I watching my son… without actually having to be in his room.
  • You can plug your monitor into the TV. Kinda rad.
  • My son, as he awoke, went over and played with the camera. He was so fascinated and distracted by it that I would arrive before he got antsy. The video footage is hilarious.

Tech Specs:

  • 11.3” x 9.3” x 5.3”
  • Gets 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon
  • #1 Baby Monitor on Amazon
  • 2 Channels @ 900mHz
  • Power Options – Rechargeable battery or AC power
  • Belt clip or wall-mount
  • 350 foot range


2 Responses to “Big Brother? Big Daddy!”

  1. Liza@Blahggy says:

    You know, some time ago I was all, “I don’t need a video monitor. It’ll make me more paranoid.” And I still don’t have one, but there are DEFINITELY times when I would LOVE to see if she’s sleeping/what she’s doing that she finds so funny/etc. WITHOUT having to go in her room and make the floor creek.

  2. Angel says:

    Looks like a nice video baby monitor – I will have to look into it some more.

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