How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

“What is that thing on your face, Daddy!?!”

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Photographing Your Baby, Or Not

“What is that thing on your face, Daddy!?!” is what I hear my son, Lucas, thinking every time he comes at the camera I’m shooting him with.

It’s got buttons, lights and it makes curious noises from time to time. And I put it up to my face. How could I blame him for not wanting to grab it and spend the rest of the day poking it, banging it and trying to jam things inside it.

Most series of shots I take of Lucas end with photos like these. It was the same with Max and Cody. Needless to say I’m a pro at taking pictures without drawing attention now. I disguise the camera or what I’m doing with it, like some nature photographer with hay in his hat to blend in.

However! I have to admit my iPhoto library has a lot of “no look” shots taken my hip or my chest while I’m in motion. These tend to feature such amazing things as an ear, a blurry leg or a section of lawn or sky. I consider those my art shots.


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17 Responses to ““What is that thing on your face, Daddy!?!””

  1. Lizzie says:

    Our curious little Buggy! Love some of these photos!

  2. William says:

    My 2 1/2 year old just wants to see the image of himself. Especially if I am doing a video. He gets confused when he is “all gone” form the view screen in mid record.

    • andy says:

      Ha ha ha ha! Totally know what you’re talking about. Yeah, I’ve got a good number of videos of him running up and disappearing from frame as he tries to scrunch up next to me to see himself as I’m videoing him. Same confusion. He pipes up with the question phrase he uses for just about everything, “Wh’d’eego?” Amazing!

  3. Avara says:

    He’s just so cute!!! I love the “gotcha” photo. So funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. MotherDuck says:

    That look says to me “Give me that!” You should get him a kid safe camera before yours becomes “his”. Both of my girls have cameras now and the pictures they take are usually the best of the trip.

    • andy says:

      You know, we sometimes toss around the idea of getting him his own [insert name of thing he is obsessively grabbing or getting into] but we’re torn.

      1) He’s smart and we like to try to avoid getting him things that seem like they were intended to keep babies babies, like a cellphone with one giant button that activated a pre-recoding of a super syrupy “HELLO, THERE LITTLE ONE!” or some such.
      2) If we get something that legit, like a broken camera, cellphone, TV remote, etc., we’re uneasy that he might just get into the habit of thinking that expensive or delicate electronics are SUPPOSED to be toys for him.

      It’s all good. I’d only be worried if he was intensely interested in knives or the garbage disposal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Chris says:

    This reminds me of my 6 mo. old daughter. Things she is fascinated with are (in order) :

    1. Cameras, cellphones, TV
    2. Sharp edges of furniture
    3. Dirty socks
    4. The two million toys my mother in law bought her

  6. Kat says:

    Oh my gawd, Andy… I have to send you a series of shots I have from when Colin was 2, crying his eyes out because I wouldn’t surrender my camera.

    I got him his own digital camera as soon as I found out about the kid ones, but it’s a pos and he knows the difference. Dude. He still lusts after my righteous Canon.

  7. Kat says:

    BTW, I’m not sure if you realize that you blatantly tell LIES on your About page. It says that you are not a writer. That’s a load of bull, my friend. Love ya.

  8. KC says:

    Kids have sensitive ears too. They may hear more noises than you think coming from the camera.

    • andy says:

      I know, it’s true. I think their hearing is so good that they can actually hear magical fairies inside that they want to let out. The letting out part tends to interfere with the continued normal function of the camera though.

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