How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Father’s Day Unique Gift Guide


Father's Day Unique Gift Idea Guide Joke


Sometimes giving your dad a gift for Father’s day can be rough. Thinking up what to get the “guy who has everything” is no small task, especially for his kid(s). We’re here to help. You’re welcome.

In a mention HTBAD got yesterday from one of our most admired juggersites, Art of Manliness, the author mentioned that most mommy blogs and daddy blogs tend to be ‘un-magazine-like’. So, we’ve styled this Instructional Diagram after something you might tear out of a Martha Stewart-type of magazine, well maybe the kind of rag she’d put out if she’d spent a little more time in a lower-grade prison.

Crappiest Father's Day Gift Contest

Dad-miration Week 2011
“Crappiest Father’s Day Gift” Contest
Check it out and have a laugh.

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6 Responses to “Father’s Day Unique Gift Guide”

  1. Morgan B. says:

    I know a special someone who’s getting a personalized ball gag this Father’s Day!

    • andy says:

      Ha ha ha ha! Nothin’ says love and appreciation quite like it. It almost says, “Don’t speak, let us just exchange a warm knowing gaze and I’ll just admire you while you struggle against your firm but not too tight restraints.” It almost says that.

  2. Adam says:

    props to AoM for leading me to you! I’m sure you’ll have some boosted readership to thank them for. There’s definitely need for more dad sites. Many thanks to you for that.

  3. My dad always appreciated a strippergram. Who sells those , lol!

  4. […] not written in a foreign language), filled with hilarious posts and even more pictures, like father’s day gift ideas which include brass knuckles, a necktie that looks curiously like a rope noose, and a ball gag that […]

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