How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Video Update #3: Memorial Day Weekend

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Let’s celebrate this weekend by thanking those who’ve protected us so tirelessly.

That’s right. Let’s celebrate Dads.

Wait, I mean the troops. The troops. Not Dads. That’s next month. The troops.

Honestly, the troops have way bigger mansicles than I do, so I will be doing a regimen of push-up’s and bear wrestling all weekend so I can pretend to exhibit the extreme manhood that our troops have and continue to impress upon this world.

Here’s a quick video update from me. Andy is out sick with gout and droopy-eye syndrome (or just working really hard on his BLOG POSTS), so he couldn’t make the shoot. But on his behalf let me say thanks again for being so rad that you all actually visit our blog, following us on Twitter and joining us on Facebook. You are the reason we keep going. No joke. Every time you comment (and even disagree with us), it shows you’re out there and want to be a part of this crazy website.

~The Dads,


5 Responses to “Video Update #3: Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Stephanie G says:

    Braelyn kept pointing at you as I watched this lol! We must reunite our children soon!

  2. Omigosh, I want one of those Lego sword thingies!

  3. andy says:

    Ha ha! Droopy-eye syndrome is no laughing matter. Especially when it travels to your ears. No one, NO ONE laughs then… ;) <- See? Droopy eye.

    (I already called dibs on the sword)

  4. mommadawn says:

    i wanna know how i can get my husband to be a more hands on dad like u he comes home jumps in front of the t.v and ignores our children unless they r disturbing his watching of the t.v. i think thats why i love ur site so much i commend u on being so involved in ur childs life. u have taken the most important step on how to be a dad and that is BEING A DAD!!!!

    • andy says:

      Maybe try cutting the power cable. OOOPS! Not too difficult to fix, once discovered, but just make sure that it’s unplugged so electrocution doesn’t occur.

      Or just have a heart to heart with the guy. ;)

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