How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Post-Mother’s Day Message

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Finn spells out his favorite parent.
I gave Finn a bath last night. He was splashing the bathwater in my face and ordering me around as usual when I looked away to pull a towel out of a cupboard in the bathroom. I turned back to him and my 19 month old son decided to prove that his limited vocabulary was fakery.

He was clearly just playing around…

I forget, who makes your breakfasts, Finn? I see… so that’s how it is…


10 Responses to “Post-Mother’s Day Message”

  1. Your son is CLEARLY a genius.

  2. Stephanie G says:

    Hahahaha super cute!!! It’s true though – moms are the bestest 🙂

  3. Julio Ibanez says:

    “Oh YEAH! Well, mommy forgot to show you the difference bewteen a ‘7’ and a ‘T’! So there!”

    I’d wager that’s the proper and mature response to a genius 19 month old. Gotta put the smart ones in their place REAL early. 🙂

    • charlie says:

      Yeah… Duh, Finn. That’s a “7”, not a “T”. What kind of toddler are you, anyway?

      I agree with you. I gotta start brainwashing him early that Dad is the coolest. 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Too funny…out of the mouth of babes and all that 😉

  5. […] Finn is learning his ABCs Learning is funny.  […]

  6. finnsmama says:

    Sweet! (ps my son’s name is Finn, is yours a girl or boy?)

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